Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Queen's Honor

Tommy and Arthur promised to follow the rules when mom and dad announced they were taking a family trip to Wanderlust Moon Colony. The trip promised to expose the entire family to the galaxies most intelligent and advanced society. The rules are strict, however, and the punishment severe. Tommy and Arthur rolled their eyes.

Wanderlust is a matriarchal society that honors youth over all else. The Queen is to be honored with a sight bow with eyes lowered. The rules were reviewed as they traveled to the colony. The highlight of the trip is a social gathering and dinner with the Queen. Few visitors are honored so highly. Mom’s work at TG Inc. as a high ranking manager put her in a position to close a trade deal with the colony. As a result they were invited to attend the function and meet the Queen.

Who knows why the boys were so hyper the night of the gathering? Maybe too many caffeinated drinks pushed the boys to the edge or maybe they just did not know how to listen. They were spoiled rich kids. When the Queen greeted the family mom and dad bowed slightly; the boys pointed and kept talking. Guards were called. There was nothing mom and dad could do but hope for the best.

The next morning the boys were brought back to mom and dad. They were unrecognizable as cute girls in the Wanderlust fashion. Much more prim and proper the girls, Rachel and Salam, practiced good behavior. Deep down mom and dad knew it was the best thing for the boys. As girls they finally settled down and acted respectful.

A final note: Rachel, saluting, later in life returned to Wanderlust and was elected Queen. She brought Salam along as an advisor during her term as Queen.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


The atrocities of war linger on for generations. When the tribes of Leluck III started a civil war tourist were warned to avoid the planet until the conflict ended. Of course that does not stop everybody. Some people think the adrenaline rush is worth it. Tourism can actually increase for a while after such a warning.

Tex found the added excitement and risks an adventure. He felt if he stayed with the tour bus he would be safe. However, the rival tribe was offended the tourists were spending money (read supporting) their enemy. A quick raid captured the bus with Tex.

Due to the risk of gang rape, women avoided the planet. They left the risk-taking to the macho men. Tex’s bus was all men. Tex was worried they might be killed since they were all men and could be considered a threat.

Tex’s fears were soon allayed. The warriors set up a contest all the tourist would have to participate in. Each man from the tour bus would have to run 300 meters to a post. The first one there won. All the losers would be forced into a nanobot bath, turned into a woman and forced to service the warriors of the tribe.

Tex is an athletic man. There is no way he is losing this competition. Unfortunately, he was tripped as he neared his goal and joined the losers in the nanobot bath. To add insult to injury, the guy that tripped him won. As each man stepped into the nanobot bath, the winner taunted them. Tex was fuming. Now his captors call him Bridget and dressed him in pink lingerie. When all the men were transformed except the winner, the warriors pointed at the winner and forced him into the nanobot bath, too. The group of women—the former male tourists—laughed their asses off.

The warriors had a sense of humor. The winner was forced to service the warriors first. Too bad for Bridget she was next in line. It took a few weeks for Tex to adjust, but soon Bridget forgot all about Tex and focused on her job. Turned out to be a great vacation after all. Lots of adventure. Tex got to do things he never did before.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Work Ethic

Some guys are naturally curious about gender swapping. It’s not easy to do the real thing, but there is no problem with playing the part. Jimmy was one of these guys. His wife knew how much he loved dressing up as a woman. Now he wanted to go a step further. He wanted to go to work wearing panties.

It was to be a secret day for Jimmy. His wife bought a new panty for him with a mystery bag he was only to open at his lunch break. Jimmy bristled with excitement. If felt so awesome wearing panties all morning.

But it felt different too. He could swear his breasts were growing! His hair was longer, too, and he was shorter. There was no doubt about it. As the lunch hour approached, the outward signs were painfully obvious. Jimmy opened the surprise bag his wife gave to him. It was a mini skirt and hooker boots! They fit perfectly now as her body continued changing.

Jimmy went to the lunch room and came back Angel. It seems Jimmy’s wife had the whole office in on it. Angel couldn’t be happier. By quitting time a beautiful woman left the office and headed home to Jimmy’s wife where Angel discovered a woman interested in women. Looks like there was more than one secret in that household.